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Separation of Concerns plays an important role in Web Content Management.

The "Separation of Concerns" concept originates from the world of Software Engineering, it's a good metaphor and highly applicable to web development and Content Management.

What is "Separation of Concerns"?

In Software Engineering, "Separation of Concerns" is the process of breaking down a program into distinct components that perform distinct tasks. The purpose and benefits of such modular approaches include reduction of complexity, ease of updates and changes, reuse, simplifying customization... In a way, it is similar to division of labor in Economics. But we are getting carried away.

What does it have to do with a web site?

For starters, a web site consists of many different layers: content (yes, the King), design, functionality. We keep those separate, so you could update the look of your site without having to redo the complete site. We keep them separate so you can reuse content across the site and across mediums (different web versions, print, etc.) or syndicate it. We keep them separate so you can easily update the content without having to also code and design each addition to your site. We keep them separate so you can add functionality as your site grows without... you guessed it - having to reenter content or mess with the design.

But it doesn't stop here, we believe "Separation of Concerns" applies to the web team as well. May be you have a few people run your web site, or may be you have an Editorial Department, a Marketing Department, a Design Department, Information Architects, Usability Engineers, Interface Engineers, Back-end Developers - in either case - how do you get all of these folks with potentially different concerns to collaborate successfully to produce a coherent web site that makes them each happy?

Traditionally, authors needed to know "a little HTML", "web designer" and "web developer" were used interchangeably and were expected to be able to do each other's jobs. All of this resulting in poor quality, inefficiency and all sorts of headache.

How can liveSTORYBOARD CMS help separate concerns?

With liveSTORYBOARD CMS you can get as little or as much "Separation of Concerns" as you like. liveSTORYBOARD keeps all layers of your site separated and brings them all together to generate your site. In a nutshell, of course a web site is a team effort, but:

  • If your core concern is content - you don't need to design or code

  • If your core concern is information architecture - you don't need to code storyboards

  • If your core concern is design - you don't have to enter content or spend hours searching for "customizable scripts"

  • If your core concern is functionality - you don't have to wait for final design or content to do the development work

We won't go as far as words like "empowerment" and such, the bottom line is that "Separation of Concerns" allows you to produce professional web sites of higher quality faster and cheaper.

liveSTORYBOARD provides unsurpassed benefits to:

Simplify and optimize your site

liveSTORYBOARD CMS is easy to use, separates concerns, enable semantic markup, produces valid code, imposes no layout restrictions...

Learn more about the benefits of web content management with liveSTORYBOARD CMS.


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