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Web standards save time, decrease costs, increase flexibility - don't ignore them.

Compliance with web standardsdefine termThe interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential - W3C saves resources, eases maintenance, enables reuse, broadens your audience and even helps search engines index your site better.

liveSTORYBOARD CMS is the easiest way to put an end to 'tag soup'The list of benefits is long and we can go on here, but there are so many wonderfully informative resources on web standards already - let's show you how liveSTORYBOARD CMS is standards-based and fully standards compliant instead.

Standards compliance should be a requirement for any CMS

liveSTORYBOARD CMS was one of the first to introduce WYSIWYG browser-based XML editing as well as valid and accessible output. Needless to say, we take the subject seriously. liveSTORYBOARD CMS generates valid and accessible code and supports XML, XHTML, HTML, XSLT, CSS.

So much talk has been generated around standards over the last couple of years - as if standards are not considered a requirement. Even if standards compliance is not a primary requirement, it should be treated as a quality mark by web professionals and demanded by clients.

With so many benefits, why so many sites or content management systems do not follow web standards and recommendations is a mystery. Because compliance takes a little extra effort? Perhaps, but we believe in taking whatever extra steps necessary to produce the best results, don't you?

Standards compliance is an especially important requirement when choosing a content management system - if the CMS does not support standards, your own hard work in the right direction can easily be crippled by the "tag soupdefine termMarkup documents containing mistakes, using structurally unnecessary or inappropriate elements for layout" most CMSs generate.

liveSTORYBOARD CMS uses proven standard technologies

liveSTORYBOARD is not only standards compliant, it is fully standards based. Our choice of proven standard technologies such as XML and XSL(T), XHTML, HTML, CSS, ATOM, RSS, etc. enables us and/or your own development talent to easily extent and customize the CMS for client's specific needs. You can get the instant benefits of web standards without having to even look under the hood (unless you want to).

liveSTORYBOARD CMS can help web professionals flatten the web standards learning curve

If you are a web designer or developer looking to get up to speed with XML, XHTML, XSLT and CSS - liveSTORYBOARD can help. Our templates, schemas and stylesheets are fully preconfigured and can be a useful learning resources - modify them, write new ones - see the instant results.

liveSTORYBOARD provides unsurpassed benefits to:

Simplify and optimize your site

liveSTORYBOARD CMS is easy to use, separates concerns, enable semantic markup, produces valid code, imposes no layout restrictions...

Learn more about the benefits of web content management with liveSTORYBOARD CMS.


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Valid Approaches To Content Management

IN A WORLD...where legacy content and gargantuan management systems routinely churn out inaccessible, invalid HTML... liveSTORYBOARD CMS is a taking a giant step in the right direction. It's nice to see a CMS designed with the same attention given to the quality of the markup (you know, what visitors actually use) as to what lies under the hood.

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