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10 Benefits of Web Publishing with liveSTORYBOARD CMS

liveSTORYBOARD CMS is simple and easy to useliveSTORYBOARD CMS is a simple to use, flexible and powerful web content authoring, management and publishing system.

With liveSTORYBOARD CMS you can build professional web sites with or without prior experience. There is no steep learning curve!

liveSTORYBOARD greatly simplifies complex content management tasks, ensures consistent high quality professional results and saves you time and money.


Content Management Systems are not all created equal. Here are just 10 of the many reasons why liveSTORYBOARD stands out in the crowd:

  1. liveSTORYBOARD CMS makes it easy, not more cumbersome to manage your web content: the interface is elegant and simple, there are absolutely no design restrictions imposed by our templating system, content is separatedefine termThe content, presentation and business logic layers of a website are stored separately and can be interchanged independently from presentationdefine termLook and feel; the layout and visual styling and business logicdefine termCode which implements functionality or business rules of a software application.

  2. Create top quality web sites: standards compliant, valid,define termConforming to W3C recommendations and standards rich semantic markup should be a requirement, not a "feature" for a CMS. liveSTORYBOARD CMS was one of the first to introduce WYSIWYG XML editing in a browser and standards compliant output, so no wonder our CMS enables you to produce professional sites with little or no web building experience. In fact, liveSTORYBOARD can be a great learning tool if you interested in standards based web design and development.

  3. Be nice to search engines: liveSTORYBOARD's clean markup helps search engines index your site better. liveSTORYBOARD also supports human-readable, memorable URLs.

  4. Make the most of your web assets: liveSTORYBOARD stores all content in XML to enable you to retrieve it easily through your custom topical hierarchies. Further, liveSTORYBOARD CMS maximizes content reuse capabilities by storing content pieces as separate entities as opposed to complete pages.

  5. Access liveSTORYBOARD CMS 24/7 from anywhere: all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

  6. Get an accelerated start: liveSTORYBOARD is a browser-based hosted CMS. No hardware, no technical staff, no software to install and maintain.

  7. Plan well and avoid mistakes: Typo? Extra zero in the price? Not to worry - liveSTORYBOARD CMS provides you with a staging environmentdefine termAn intermediate server(s) used to deploy updated content/code/design to assure quality before promoting to the live environment (more optionally) where you can preview all changes and make fixes before pushing them live. Staging also allows you to work on changes in advance and promote them when needed. Secure staging is also a handy tool for testing out storyboards and prototypes (You wouldn't push live an unfinished site and let your customers see it and search engines index before it's really ready to go, right!).

  8. Save time: liveSTORYBOARD comes with many pre-built components -- navigation options such as top/side navigation schemes, snail trails, page counters; automated tables of contents and index pages; multiple format generation including RSS and Atom feeds, Avantgo, text only versions, etc.

  9. Save money: liveSTORYBOARD is available through several flexible and affordable pricing plans, starting at $50!

  10. Minimize risk: liveSTORYBOARD provides a safe and sound exit strategy should you ever change your mind -- at any time you will have access to all content, templates and can easily port them to another solution if necessary (though none of our clients have ever tried the exit strategy!).

liveSTORYBOARD provides unsurpassed benefits to:

Simplify and optimize your site

liveSTORYBOARD CMS is easy to use, separates concerns, enable semantic markup, produces valid code, imposes no layout restrictions...

Learn more about the benefits of web content management with liveSTORYBOARD CMS.


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Valid Approaches To Content Management

IN A WORLD...where legacy content and gargantuan management systems routinely churn out inaccessible, invalid HTML... liveSTORYBOARD CMS is a taking a giant step in the right direction. It's nice to see a CMS designed with the same attention given to the quality of the markup (you know, what visitors actually use) as to what lies under the hood.

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