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liveSTORYBOARD CMS hides the complexity of managing structured semantic XML content

liveSTORYBOARD's simple and intuitive User Interface makes web content management a breeze.

liveSTORYBOARD's simple and intuitive User Interface lets you create and update web content with ease and confidence.

  1. The task oriented perspective tabs guide you through the process of producing professional web content, even if you are not technical at all.

  2. The "Project Navigation" guides you through your site's architecture, allowing you to make changes in a true WYSIWYG environment and providing extra information about your location in the project. The "Path" indicates the site elements you are manipulating.

  3. Content can be organized into topical hierarchies that best suit your needs. Multiple content pieces can be assigned to pages and folders for maximum flexibility and content reuse.

  4. At all times you can preview your site right in the CMS. When you are ready to share your updates, it takes seconds to generate your site, promote it to a staging environmentdefine termAn intermediate server(s) used to deploy updated content/code/design to assure quality before promoting to the live environment or to your live environment.

  5. liveSTORYBOARD CMS can be used for single or multiple web sites, by single or teams of users with finely grained configurable access and permission content management rights.

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liveSTORYBOARD CMS is easy to use, separates concerns, enable semantic markup, produces valid code, imposes no layout restrictions...

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